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Why Baseball Players Need a Mental Guide

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By Billy Felo

Would the Karate Kid have been able to beat his opponent and claim the title if it wasn’t for Mister Miyagi? Would Smalls have been able to play with the Sandlot kids and learn to love the game of baseball if it wasn’t for Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez?

Movie protagonists are not the only people who need mentors to help them reach their goals.

Successful people from all avenues have guides to help them get where they want to go. As a baseball player, it’s no different.

Most players outsource to personal hitting coaches, strength and conditioning classes and even arm care programs. So, how is the mental side of the game any different?

If you truly want to succeed in the game of baseball, I suggest you start working on the mental side RIGHT NOW.

As players get into high school, college and professional baseball, everyone has talent and the raw skills necessary to excel at the game. However, what separates most players from being average to becoming elite is what’s going on in their noggin.

This is the reason I wrote the Players’ Guide to the Mental Mechanics of Baseball. This is why I’ve dedicated the past year to advocating for more attention to the mental side of the game and teaching players how to approach it.

It has not come easy, but I think more and more athletes are starting to recognize the importance of the six inches between their ears.

The Players’ Guide to the Mental Mechanics of Baseball provides strategies for practice, in-game and after competition to give readers a three-tiered approach to mental mastery. It also includes personal stories and explanations on why these mental strategies are important and what they are about.

This eBook provides concrete exercises for athletes to perform plus a post-game mental evaluation sheet. And for those who aren’t big into reading, there are step-by-step instructions in a simplified version to approach these mental training strategies.

Although the information contained in this manual does pertain to college and professional athletes, this eBook has been simplified and condensed to be relevant for all baseball players ages 11 and up.

Help introduce the mental side of baseball to your son or daughter today by purchasing my eBook at masterfulmechanicsbaseball.com

The Coaches’ Guide to the Mental Mechanics of Baseball is coming soon.

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