The Mind’s Magic

Have you ever been able to manifest your own destiny? If not, have you ever wanted to?

The most magical part of mind manifestation is that anyone can do it with a little practice.

Manifesting your own destiny is comparable to organizing your bedroom, office or kitchen. 

First, you visualize or see how you want the room to be designed before you physically move anything in it. You might even draw a picture of how you want the room to look. This could include where you want to place certain furniture, posters or pictures on the wall and the spacing between appliances.

Whether you draw the layout of the room or simply see how you want it to look in your head, you’re strengthening your mind-body connection and successfully manifesting how you want that specific room to look.

The same process is involved in making your wildest and most important dreams come true. To live out a dream in reality, you must first visualize how you want to see, look and feel when that dream comes to fruition. 

The key to provoking thoughts into reality is to place a high intent or importance to your thoughts. When thinking about what you want to accomplish, you should see what you’ll see, look how you want to appear and feel your emotions as if you’re actually completing the dream in real life.

As intelligent as your brain’s subconscious is, the connection between the brain and body is much stronger. For this reason, when your thoughts are focused with intent, your brain cannot tell the difference between thoughts and experienced reality.

So, you can “trick” your brain into thinking you did something desirable such as getting the promotion, improving communication with a family member/friend or pitching a complete game. 

If you can make your thoughts strong and focused enough, the brain will have a real physical reaction and release beneficial chemicals such as endorphins which work to heal and grow your body’s cells. 

This is important and extremely befitting to your health, because the reactions and relationship that your brain has with your body has a massive impact on your overall health and happiness.

If you’re constantly thinking degrading thoughts and living in past negative experiences, your body will “think” you’re really reliving these unwanted realities and will chemically react accordingly.

This increases stress and has a negative impact on your immune system and the health of your body.

However, if you’re mentally strong enough to be aware of your conscious thoughts and use them to your advantage, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthy body and mind.

The same is true for sports performance and overall quality of life. By visualizing yourself competing and getting the results you want, your brain will experience accomplishments before they even happen. This will strengthen the mind-body connection and bolster the likelihood of achieving the results you want on the field or in your profession.

As long as the emotion behind the thought is strong enough, it will drive the intent and improve the brain’s chemistry.

At all times, you can make a choice to change and remodel your thoughts (or your bedroom) to effectively look and live how you truly desire.

You have the power to manifest your own destiny!

Remember, the thoughts you heed is the life you’ll lead.

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