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Summer Camp Letter to Parents

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Dear baseball and softball parents!

Have your kids experience a different type of summer camp that focuses on a holistic approach to baseball and softball training!

Most baseball and softball instruction does a great job training the physical side, but development of the PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL side of youth athletics is our separating factor. Here’s what we have to offer. 

Masterful Mechanics Baseball, LLC will be hosting a baseball and softball summer camp for all players ages 5-12 at the Paxtonia Athletic Association (100 Nyes Road, HBG) on June 21, 22 and 23 from 930 AM – 12 PM each day.

Campers will receive professional instruction in baseball and softball skills including hitting, fielding, pitching and catching. 

Different drills and exercises will be practiced for each skill, and we will also have live coach-pitch scrimmages at the end of the day.

Other games, including a home-run derby, will be offered to provide players with practice in a competitive form while promoting a love for the game. 

Mental skills, such as being a good teammate, maintaining confidence and controlling emotions will be taught and applied through stories, games and talks. This camp will revolve around these important mental applications.

We will have a variety of different coaches providing instruction in every aspect of the game including baseball/softball pitching and catching. Instructors include professional and collegiate athletes/coaches.

Campers should wear baseball pants, cleats and hats and bring their own drinks. We will be providing healthy snacks in the form of fruit.

If you are reading this letter, you can register for the discounted Paxtonia price of $125. 

Please register at masterfulmechanicsbaseball.com.


Billy Felo


(717) 574-0696


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