Positive Vibrations


A term that has been recently popularized, but its concept has been around since the time of Greek mythology.

Good vibes, bad vibes, summer vibes, beach vibes and even taco vibes have been contemporarily used to describe the type of mood or mindset that someone is in. In that case, beach-taco vibes would really be a hit!

The Dictionary describes it as “a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.”

It’s true that vibes may be an emotional state or atmospheric feeling, but the significance of vibrations resonates further than just a simple perception.

Your vibes impact the lives of not only the people in your direct vicinity, but they also impact the state of all mankind. This is true for every person and AT ALL TIMES.

Take it from the late-great Rastafari Bob Marley who said, “That’s what we got to give. Got to have a good vibe.”

I know the “weight” of your vibes impacting all of mankind could sound intimidating, but I implore you to think of this concept as an opportunity instead of a burden.

Life is so endowing, because it gives you the opportunity to impact the world in a positive manner EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Elevating the vibes of mankind can be as simple as thinking a positive thought. A simple “thank you” to the grocery store clerk or embracing a loved one who needs comforting can do the trick.

An effective way to elevate your vibration is by practicing gratitude. When you’re grateful, it puts a new perspective on life and allows you to see all of the positive things that you have going for you.

Have you ever walked into a room of people and immediately felt the electric energy of those around you? Or on the contrary, have you ever walked into a place and felt weighed down by the mood of the room.

These are the vibes that I’m talking about. Energy is contagious (uplifting and depressing), so spread positive vibes that are capable of picking people up.

I’ve learned about the power of enthusiasm by working with children. Was I head over heels about the 6thgrade geometry lesson I was teaching or reading Shakespeare to a class of teenagers as a substitute teacher?

Although I love teaching, these subjects did not light my heart on fire. However, the energy I was able to bring to the classroom had students at least somewhat engaged for the beginning of the lesson.

Children and animals are instinctively more aware of vibes than us adults. And, they can tell when the energy is genuine and when it’s not.

Since all of mankind is intuitively connected, your vibrations really do impact everyone else in the world. That’s why it’s so disheartening when people practice prejudice.

Hate and oppression actually lower the vibrations of all man and woman. Hate breeds hate, but better yet, love breeds more love.

Your actions and speech today will resonate with mankind forever so use that opportunity to bring the best out of yourself and others.

Now more than ever, your “social responsibility” is to elevate the vibes of the world.

By Billy Felo

Image from udiscovermusic