Pitching with the Pros, eBook Series

Are you through paying for pitching lessons from a sub six-foot Indy-ball pitcher with blonde-curly hair from Harrisburg, PA?

Would you rather have an exact pitching drill progression that you can follow on your own time and practice almost anywhere?

Well, if these ideas pertain to you, look no further. Besides, who would want baseball lessons from a guy like that anyway?

Pitching with the Pros is a two-part instructional eBook series that explains pitching techniques in a simplified manner.

Both eBooks detail five different pitching drills in a concise and incremental fashion. This means that drill one builds the foundation, drill two expands on drill one and so on.

Each drill or technique has three different components to help players, coaches and parents comprehend and apply the specific movements.

Section A is for the player and provides a short description and focus points of the drill.

Section B is for the coach or parent and explains its intent and how to utilize the technique in practice.

Section C provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly complete the drill along with images to model its application.

There are also options for beginner and advanced pitchers. Pitching with the Pros is a two-part series complete with beginner and advanced pitching techniques available in two different eBooks.

My reason for publishing these eBooks is to provide clients with an easy to follow pitching drill progression.

Instead of paying for multiple pitching lessons, players and parents can now buy a one-time eBook that details how to complete the same pitching techniques that we would cover in private lessons.

I want to disseminate this information affordably to reach as many aspiring pitchers as I can. Now, players can train pitching anytime and anywhere to fully reach their desired potential.

This make sense for me, because my main goal for Masterful Mechanics Baseball has always been to help and coach as many players as I can.

These eBooks are simple to follow and read and do not contain lengthy expositions that take hours to read. If I have the attention span to write them, then everyone has the patience to read them.

Because, knowledge is power, so empower a pitcher by picking up a copy of an eBook today.

Pitching with the Pros is available at our website: masterfulmechanicsbaseball.com.