New Experience at Precision Training Concepts, 3/8/17

When I first talked to Jimmy Wix about receiving personal fitness training from him, I was slightly skeptical and did not fully consider accepting the invitation. This was mainly because I already had my own workout routine, belonged to a local gym and was regularly training about six days a week. I was comfortable at my gym and preferred to continue my own training. Since I already had a workout plan that I enjoyed doing and was in a weekly routine, I initially thought that personal training from Precision Training Concepts would not benefit me. However, after just one session working with Wix, I knew that my previous logic had turned out to be incorrect.

When I first walked into Precision Training Concepts’ brand new facility, located at 4085 Linglestown Road, I immediately noticed the cleanliness and the state-of-the-art equipment that they had to offer. There was a variety of different training equipment and fitness machines including some that I had never even seen before. It was obvious that this facility had more than enough to accommodate anyone who was looking to receive training.

From the moment I walked in at 5:30 a.m., it was apparent that Wix was excited to have me in the new facility. After quickly showing me around the gym and eagerly explaining all of the new equipment they had just recently acquired, Jimmy instructed me to warm-up on a stationary bike, which featured a digital screen with numerous workout options.

After the warm-up, Jimmy put me through an excruciating full body workout with a major emphasis on glutes and quadriceps. I was not familiar with most of the exercises, but my trainer was able to guide me through the process and ensure that I was performing them correctly. Even though I have played high school and collegiate baseball and had been weight training for over a decade, Jimmy introduced me to a number of different exercises that I was unfamiliar with. He showed patience and even demonstrated the different skills that I was uncertain how to do.

After utilizing the immaculately clean shower and dressing for the day, I talked to Jimmy about scheduling another session. I knew I would be sore the next day, because I had used muscles and done exercises that I was not used to doing.

Since I am currently training for a professional baseball tryout in a few months, Jimmy was able to create a plan specific to my goals and position as a pitcher. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to effectively tailor not only a baseball workout but to also include position-specific exercises. At Precision Training Concepts, they pride themselves on their ability to plan workouts around their clients’ needs and goals. I would recommend this training facility to anyone with a little ambition and an idea of a goal in mind. From elite athletes training to improve in their desired sports to the novice exerciser attempting to better their lives or get back into shape again, Precision Training Concepts has the means to help anyone achieve their goals.

Jimmy Wix – (717) 480-1544