eBook – “Advanced Pitching Techniques” Snippet


I have been pitching a baseball for over 20 years of my life, and I still enjoy playing catch and practicing the art of pitching.

Trying to calculate how many pitches I’ve thrown over those last two decades is futile, and my right shoulder is aching just thinking about it. Jokes aside, I have been fortunate to have a fairly healthy arm that has allowed me to continue pitching for as long as I could have dreamed.

After all these years pitching in amateur and professional baseball, you’d think that I would have already accumulated all the knowledge surrounding pitching and baseball. However, if you think this, you’d be wrong.

As baseball players (and people), we can always learn new information and take something special from each person we meet. I’ve learned more about pitching from my teammates and opposing players than I have from all of my coaches.

However, I have no strife against any of my coaches, as I have also learned from each one of them, but I feel that players learn best from other players.

Thus, I am dedicating this eBook to all the teammates and fellow players that have taught me something about the game over all these years. It would be long-winded to name everyone who has impacted me, so I would like to thank everyone who I have ever played this game with or against.

No matter how long you’ve been playing baseball, I urge you to continue learning and recognize that baseball is an extension of your intellectual and social life. Be a student of the game. We need to level up every day, and this is possible through constant learning and relaxed focus.

Peace and love,



Are you tired of performing the same drills and practicing pitching perpetually the same way each practice? Has your progress stalled because of lack of variety in your training?

Success in baseball, especially pitching, is comparable to success in life. It takes a mix of repetition and variation to become successful.

Constant repetition is often the path to progression, but creativity is the spark that drives constant development.

Elite pitching does stem from consistent mechanics and repetitive training, but drill variation can induce inspiration and uncover more efficient and fun ways to practice.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with five unique pitching drills that you can utilize whenever you’re looking for a variation in training while also improving the consistency and quality of your mechanics on the mound.

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