Day 8, Friday (1/12/17): Gilly and Billy’s First Outing, 2/24/17

Just over a week after arriving to Puerto Rico, the day that the founders of Masterful Mechanics had been anticipating for months had arrived. We were scheduled to pitch in our first game for the PRIBL. The game was set to be played in Rincon against The Montaneses de Utuado, and I was the designated starter with Gilly set to close the game out.

Since we were not required to attend practice because we were pitching that day, we hit the beach to relax and catch some rays. It was nice to lay out on the clean sand and swim in the crystal-clear ocean surrounding the island. This was the perfect place to clear our heads and mentally prepare for the upcoming game.

Once again, game time was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. and to be played under the lights. Since it was a Friday night, the crowd was a little larger than the previous games, and The PRIBL Turistas were ready to go. After retiring the first two hitters, I ran into some trouble and surrendered a walk and a few hits to allow three runs in the first inning. Although it was not the ideal way to begin my PRIBL career, I regained my composure and got out of the first inning.

After giving up another run in the second, I was able to settle in and throw scoreless innings in the third and fourth. Some of my hiccups could have been attributed to nerves, as I had never played in a professional atmosphere before.

Gilbert took over in the fifth inning with the team trailing 4-3. He got out of the fifth unscathed and only gave up a run in the sixth. Gil threw three innings total giving up four hits and one earned run. After another pitcher entered in the eighth, we ultimately lost the game 12-6. However, both of us were decently happy about our performances and looking forward to improving for the next outing.