MMB Services

Private Lessons

We offer lessons conducted by professional-independent player Billy Felo and a few other qualitifed instructors. This one-on-one instruction is available for ages 6 and older and is most effective for learning the basic and advanced skills of hitting, fielding, pitching and catching.

Skills Classes

Classes are designed for the younger age groups to learn the basic skills of the game. We do offer advanced skills classes, but most of these trainings are designed for beginner/intermediate players ages 5-14. Each class covers a different aspect of the game such as hitting, fielding and pitching/catching.


We hold a limited number of clinics to focus specifically on a single-skill of the game. These are usually between 1-2 hours and will feature several different instructors.

Team Trainings

Usually once the season gets underway, we will visit team practices to conduct training sessions. We typically have stations with a few instructors to ensure players get the desired number of reps for each skill taught. Prices vary depending on the number of players and time desired.

Coaches' Clinics

Coaches are a very important part of the game, and we want to ensure that they are teqaching the correct skills and techniques. For this reason, we hold a limited number of coaches’ clinics that show the correct way to teach the game along with plans for practices and games.

Online Video Analysis

This is best served during the season when it is difficult to schedule private lessons due to time restraints. This service provides instruction on skills that the player is performing well and direction on what they need to work on. It is best for parents to send several videos of in-game or practice action, and Billy will create a personalized plan for the player to follow. Prices vary based on the humber of videos and desired plans.

Training Plans

This is an individualized workout plan for players 10 and older designed by MMB owner Billy Felo. This service is most effective in the fall/early winter when players should be taking a break from baseball-specific training. First, Billy puts the player through a series of test training to see their movement flaws. Then, he devises a plan specifically for the player to strengthen the areas that they need most. There is no gym membership or equipment needed, as the traning is almost exclusively body weight and isometrics. Workouts are baseball-strength related but do not involve baseball training.

Nutrition Plans

This is best served for players 12 and up who are serious about playing baseball at a higher level. Or, it could be for any person who wants to improve their lives with one of the most important functions of the body, digestion. Again, Billy will factor in the specifics of the person, such as age, weight, desired weight and strength and create a personalized meal plan.


Currently, we have one eBook available, “Five Basic Pitching Drills.”

Training Videos

Free baseball training videos available on our YouTube channel, 

Virtual Lessons

To adhere to social distancing, we are now offering virtual lessons. We can conduct private lessons via any video messaging app!